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Coming back from the dead?

*knocks* Is someone there??

PS.- can someone
please help me with that thing for layout? Like codes...i didn't know where to find 'em....uh...~
ohh, well, i almost forget that i have a LJ, honto desu .-.~ but, i don't have nothing to write here, so, whatever...

Ummh~...Friday...I went to the cinema, w/ my friends Nath...OMG!! i wasso happy for 2 reasons XD... 1. i was with her [i can't see her a lot...'cause the school,. but we live on the same city] and 2. i saw spiderman 3 ahahahaha ^_^ that is one of my favorites movies/comics/superheroes...si...i was happy for that...it's incredible, you should watch it!!! simply amazing, i hope that sam raimi [director] decides to make more parts...and that tobey maguire [the actor] decides to act in that ¬_¬ [he said "no more spiderman movies" baka .-. xDDDD] well anyways...it's so funny, so amazing, so sad....and i'm afraid of the horrible horrible monster ToT [mode idiot immature: off] ahahah

ok, i'll stop being idiot and writing idiot things...

wow, i'm so proud of myself XD [i wrote a n interesting thing..ok, just a lil' bit]

ahhh and thanks for the 500 visits on my blog [myself: here's live journal .-.] i know, but i don't care, i'm so thankful ^^ [myself: you're an idiot] you too ¬¬ [myself: you & me are the same person!] ok, you're right at that point...

>.<! ignore this! kudasai

Matta ne~!

[PS: I'll try to make some nice things to post it ^^]

May. 4th, 2007

Oh, well, here i go...This is my first entry on this journal...I don't really know how i should manage this thing...or how this really function XD but well...I'll try to do my best here...

So, i don't know what kind of stuff write here...I see that sometimes is used like a graphics page...or sometimes like a...journal.. (._.) but i'm a little bit retarded XD...

Better, i'll stop writing crap...I dunno if at least someone will read this...whatever, I will take care of this thing...

Matta ne~!

[PS.- I'm so sorry for my horrible english..it sucks u.u]

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